Dermatological Treatment

Rzany & Hund provides advice and whenever possible also treatment for your skin-related concerns and complaints: Inflammatory diseases such as acne, rosacea, psoriasis and atopic dermatitis, pigmented lesions, skin cancer, skin cancer screening, hyperhidrosis (heavy sweating) and toenail disorders.

Aesthetic Medicine

Aesthetic procedures are one of Rzany & Hund’s strengths. Many years of experience as well as clinical research make both dermatologists ground-breaking specialists in their field.

Rzany & Hund is specialised in the correction of wrinkles or lines and treating loss of volume in the skin. The spectrum ranges from treatment with botulinum toxin, injectable fillers, peelings and laser treatments as well as measures to prevent or at least prolong premature ageing of the skin.

Clinical Trials

Rzany & Hund is specialised in clinical trials in dermatology and aesthetic medicine. In the last ten years, the team has worked as investigators/principal investigators in clinically controlled phase II to IV trials on drugs and medical devices.

Currently we are not looking for new patients for a clinical trial.